Wednesday, January 17, 2007

It's Almost Here!!!!!

The Countdown has started, and it's a day away. And forgive me for seeming to be extremely excited. But I think anyone would be if they knew they were a part of a project that is going to affect so many people. The Ultimate Fitness Professional's Business Success System - the name says it all, huh?

I'm hope that most people have heard by now about the product we have just finished that we put together with Alwyn Cosgrove - maybe you have heard of him - where we explained in detail every aspect, every system, every 'secret' that we have used to build our businesses.

Here's what you need to do if you haven't already - go to That will put you on the 'early-bird' mailing list. That list will get access to the product release prior to the normal release time. We are offering a teleconference for the first 100 buyers, so the benefit to getting in early is obvious. FYI, Fitness Consulting Group currently charges more per hour for phone coaching than we are going to charge for the Ultimate Fitness Professional's Business Success System. So it only makes sense to get in early and get the product and the call.

We are excited. The product turned out better than expected. The interest has been overwhelming.

This is the product our industry has been waiting for.

Oh, the early bird list is closing sometime today I think. I recommend getting your name on it.

Nick Berry


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