Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Thanksgiving Lecture

I just want to mention something very quickly that Pat, Alwyn and I were just talking about and I think is worth bringing up.

Don’t dispute a credit card charge with someone who offers a 100% money back guarantee. Please. That’s ridiculous. I’ve had a couple of people who over the course of time have disputed their charge for an info product of ours, and I’m nothing short of amazed. We offer a 100% money back guarantee, which we honor and never ask any question other than to constructively improve our products. If we have a guarantee, it’s for a reason, and we honor it. What’s more, those individuals who have entered a dispute won’t return emails sent to resolve the issue. The reason we would prefer resolving through a refund is because chargebacks reflect poorly on our business. (And for the individuals who do this, it reflects poorly on your credit as well. Whoever issued your credit card is going to snatch it back out of your little hand if you keep abusing.) Alwyn said he even has someone who received a physical product and disputed, without contacting him, kept the product, and won’t return correspondence. I think that warrants posting a blacklist. Ridiculous.

Rather than diminish my post by only fussing about a couple of less than classy individuals, I want to make a positive point. For every one person like that, we’ve had probably 1000 good experiences with good people, and we appreciate them. We enjoy what we do, and the people we get to work with, and we hope that it shows in what we provide. We also appreciate everyone in the fitness industry who has helped us over the course of time. So rather than me just venting about a couple of bad customers, it is Thanksgiving, and I want to thank all of the rest of you who make our industry so much fun. Keep up the great work. And we can just make a joke out of the jackasses that think they are ‘beating the system’.

Be safe and have a great Thanksgiving.

Nick Berry


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