Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Ok, I’ve gotten some feedback on my little rant below, Knowledge Assets. Those readers who it was directed at know exactly who they are. I thought I had covered everyone when I stated “before you start with I don’t have money, I’ve got payroll, or rent’s due or whatever it is you are going to let make you continue to put off taking some action……” and “Lots of salesmanship, not so much value. And in a certain few cases that’s true, but someone’s reputation as giving great info or a crappy product will let you know if you should be buying from them or not. They can’t hide that. But there are many more good, valuable products and resources than there are bad, especially within the PTU circle…”

After re-reading I believe I left a few people an ‘out’ so to speak. I completely understand that money can be tight – trust me – and that you need some reassurance as to the quality of products certain individuals may produce. What got lost in my message is that rather than letting skepticism keep you from getting any product at all, get a feel for someone’s smaller products, then get the larger ones. Get your hands on some of their less expensive material and you will know ahead of time if you are going to like their larger products. It’s an ‘economically efficient’ method of building a relationship with the information producers out there. It’s basically a test run.

Here’s my test run for you. If you are an individual who is skeptical about product quality, or for whatever reason don’t think you have the money
http://www.fitnessconsultinggroup.com/businessactionplan.html. I had a part in creating this, and it was done with EVERYONE in mind. Every person who has an interest in the fitness profession will more than get their money’s worth from this product. For those who get in by Sunday at midnight EST, we are having a teleseminar to explain exactly how to use these tools. There will be an overview of each tool followed by a Q and A session. An open Q and A is your chance to insure that you get your money’s worth, if you take advantage of it. If you don’t take advantage, well, it’s guaranteed anyway, as always.


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